Thursday, January 12, 2023

A-Ads Review : Best Crypto Ad Platform

Are you looking for advertising with cryptos? Then, A-Ads is the perfect solution for your problem. This article will give you an honest and detailed A-Ads review and the steps to creating your first ad. So, let’s get started. A-Ads is a crypto-centric advertising network. The website was founded back in 2011 and is the first ad network running entirely on bitcoin. The network is encrypted and runs with blockchain support to ensure optimized safety for user information.Further, this platform neither collects nor shares any personal data. Instead, the website includes operational metrics for users to view details like cost per thousand (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and impressions for the last 24 hours. Moreover, the daily percentage changes appear in real-time. The ads on the platform include CSS and HTML codes which are free of cookies or any complex scripts. Moreover, advertisers get multiple packages to choose from that come with individually quoted CPM rates and prices. Furthermore, the online crypto community addresses clients’ or end-users issues, where experts quickly resolve the queries. A-Ads Review: Features Publishers/ Advertisers can create their ad units and campaigns within 1 minute. The network connects with all kinds of websites other than illegal or child pornography websites. Advertiser websites cannot collect any cookies. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC. There is no minimum count for website traffic. Automatically withdraw revenue into the bitcoin account/wallet. Users can earn up to 50% of their fees as an affiliate It also provides a referral program. With A-Ads, websites with crypto-centric content get a 100% fill rate. Ad codes are only CSS/HTML that have zero scripts or cookies, therefore easy to integrate. The Bitcoin traffic category has high-eCPM. Is the A-Ads Network Safe to Use? A-Ads is one of the best bitcoin ad networks available that mainly deals with bitcoin transactions for ad promotion and revenue earning. Users can use this network anonymously. Moreover, they leave no cookies or scripts on the computers of the end-users who visit the ad link. Also, creating anonymous ad campaigns and units is possible through this network even if you do not open an A-Ads user account. The network does not collect any personal data, and users can engage with it with just their bitcoin address if they do not wish to utilize their private email. This rule applies to both advertisers and publishers. Also, the network does not track the activity of its visitors or users. However, it only collects and assesses the IP addresses of visitors.

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